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Hardcore Security Screens

A revolutionary patented innovation in home security.  Hard Core Security Screens have the traditional look of wrought iron, but unlike steel, they won’t rust or corrode as all exposed surfaces are aluminium, treated with a special chromate conversion process and then powder coated in a colour of your choice.

Every bar of a Hard Core security door has a unique high tensile steel core which makes them much more resistant to cutting than conventional solid bars.  Each bar is TIG welded to a double cavity extra heavy duty aluminum door frame that is more than twice as strong as many common security door frames.

In addition, for added security, all doors are fitted with a triple lock.

Like many other security screens, Hard Core Security Screens:

*are fitted to the outside of doors and windows, usually on the opening side
*include an insect screen
*suit both sliding and hinged security doors

Unlike other security screens, Hard Core are:

*reinforced aluminium security screens, strengthened by a super hard alloy steel core, which is much harder than ordinary steel for increased security
*easy to see through with an attractive open style design
*easy to clean
*designed to allow in more light and breeze than other security screens by its open design
*not riveted together; instead doors are fully welded for maximum strength

Click here to download Hardcore Security Screen PDF (16MB)