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Diamond Grille

The Alspec range of aluminium security grilles, combined with quality door and window components, provides superior protection for your home and family.

Alspec security grilles are fully tempered for greater strength.  This special process gives added toughness to Alspec grilles.  Virtually maintenance free, both grilles and frames come in a range of styles and modern colours to suit any décor.  So add value to your home with the aesthetic appeal and superior strength of Alspec security grilles.

Alspec security grilles for custom-made sliding doors provide optimum protection and smooth operation.  Adjustment screws face inside the door out of an intruder’s reach.

Three interlocking security hinges deter even the most persistent intruder.

Security doors made from quality Alspec grilles can be fitted with the extra feature of a 3 point safety lock.

Half door panels add to protection from the weather, pets and intruders.

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