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Statutory Warranties

These warranties apply to all contracts.

Under the Home Building Act, builders and tradespeople are required to give certain warranties or assurances about their work.  The majority of builders and tradespeople have always provided these assurances with their work.  What the new law does is to ensure that these assurances are written into the contract.  All of the warranties must be included in the written contract.

These warranties do not in any way reduce or limit the builder’s or tradesperson’s obligations in relation to work standards, materials, completion or other matters stated in the contract.  None of the warranties can be written out of the contract.  As our quote does not include these warranties in writing, please read this in conjunction with the quote.

We warrant that:-

1.    The work will be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner in accordance with the plans and specifications.
2.    All materials supplied by Protector Security NSW Pty Limited will be good and suitable, and unless otherwise stated, new.
3.    The work will comply with the Home Building Act, and other laws.
4.    The work will be done with due diligence and within the time set out in the contract.
5.    The work and any materials used in doing the work will be reasonably fit for the specified purpose or result.

Any legal action for a breach of the statutory warranties must be taken within seven years after:-

A.    The completion of the work, or
B.    If the work is not completed, then,
     i.     The date for completion specified or determined in the contract, or
     ii.    If there is no such date, the date of the contract.